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Members of the Game Research Group frequently publish papers and book chapters about a wide variety of game-related research. This ranges from AI, game design, games for education, graphics and much more. We also frequently present our work at major conferences around the world. When we do, as well as providing downloads for papers, we aim to provide a summary of the events on our blog and at our reading group events.

Papers are usually provided for download at the University of Lincoln ePrints site. Depending on the publisher, papers are usually completely free for anyone to access. You can search the ePrints site for “games” to find most of our work. Alternatively you can explore the staff pages to find publications by particular members.



Gerling, K., Hicks, K., Kalyn, M., Evans, A., and Linehan, C. Designing Movement-based Play With Young People Using Powered Wheelchairs. Proceedings of CHI 2016. Best Paper Award. View ePrint.

Smeddinck, J., Mandryk, R., Birk, M., Gerling, K., Barsilowski, D., and Malaka, R. How to Present Game Difficulty Choices? Exploring the Impact on Player Experience. Proceedings of CHI 2016. View ePrint.


Kappen, D., Nacke, L., and Gerling, K. Designing Playful Physical Activity Applications for Older Adults. In: Proc. of Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, IEEE (2015).

Gerling, K., Linehan, C., Kirman, B., Kalyn, M., Evans, A., and Hicks, K. Creating wheelchair-controlled video games: challenges and opportunities when involving young people with mobility impairments and game design experts. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (in print). View Pre-print.

Hicks, K., Gerling, K., Kirman, B., Linehan, C., and Dickinson, P. Exploring Twitter as a game platform; strategies and opportunities for the design of microblogging-based games. In: Proc. of CHI PLAY 2015, ACM (2015). View ePrint.

Samper-Martinez, A., Gerling, K., Garcia-Alvarez, E., Kirman, B., and Lawson, S. “After all the time I put into this”: co-creation and the end-of-life of social network games. In: Proc. of CHI PLAY 2015, ACM (2015). View ePrint.

Birk, M., Mandryk, R., Gerling, K., and Miller, M. How self-esteem shapes our interactions with play technologies. In: Proc. of CHI PLAY 2015, ACM (2015). Best Paper Honourable Mention Award. View ePrint.

Kirman, B., Feltwell, T., and Linehan, C. Player superstition as a design resource. In: Extended Abstracts of DiGRA, (2015). View ePrint.

Linehan, C., Harrer, S., Kirman, B., Lawson, S., and Carter, M. Games against health: a player-centered design philosophy. In: Extended Abstracts of CHI 2015 (alt.chi), ACM (2015). View ePrint.

Gerling, K., Mandryk, R., and Linehan, C. Long-term use of motion-based video games in care home settings. In: Proc. of CHI 2015, ACM (2015). View ePrint.

Waddington, J., Linehan, C., Gerling, K., Hicks, K., and Hodgson, T. Participatory design of therapeutic video games for young people with neurological vision impairment. In: Proc. of CHI 2015, ACM (2015). View ePrint.

Mandryk, R., and Gerling, K. Discouraging sedentary behaviors using interactive play. Interactions XXII, 3 (2015). View ePrint.

Gerling, K., Mandryk, R., Miller, M., Kalyn, M., Birk, M., and Smeddinck, J. Designing wheelchair-based movement games. ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing 6, 2 (2015). View ePrint.





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