Attention Budding Game Designers!

Sign up sheets are now available! Feel free to fill it out with your team details and bring the form to registration event on the 2nd November at 4 PM, Complab B!

Note: If you do not have a team, no worries, we will help you to get into a team at the introduction event!

Voting for the Seven Day Game Challenge is now closed

We are delighted to announce that Sean Oxspring is organising an event called “The Seven Day Game Challenge”. It is a week-long Game Jam for any students and staff in the Lincoln School Of Computer Science to take part in! Everyone is welcome, regardless of background, knowledge, experience or ability. As long as they are willing to develop a video-game, either on their own, or in small teams. Over the course of seven days, “The Seven Day Game Challenge” aims to provide a strong, motivating and friendly atmosphere in which developing, presenting and discussing video-games development is fun.

What is a Game Jam?
Wikipedia’s definition: “A game jam is a gathering of developers, artists, and other creatives over a short time during which a collective effort is made to make one or more games around a given team.” Game jams are excellent, popular ways of getting game ideas down and learning to work quickly and dynamically in a group on a video-games. The games made during jams also contribute to a really nice looking portfolio!

When is it?
This game jam will be spread over seven days. It will be starting on Friday, 2nd of November and end on Friday, 9th November. Teams are welcome to work either in the LSoCS labs or from homeAn Introduction to this event will be run at the University of Lincoln, MHT Building, 3rd Floor, Computer Lab B on the 2nd November at 4 PM. This introductory event will explain in detail the terms and conditions of the Game Jam and will allow the registration of teams. Sign up sheets are available here. Feel free to fill it out and to bring it to the registration event. If you do not have a team, no worries, we will help you to find team members at the introduction event. The terms and conditions of the Game Challenge are available hereAdditionally, the Game Jam themes will be announced at the event. 

Who should I work with?
Teams can range in size from 1 to 5 people. You can work alone, but it might not be as fun.

What do I get from this?
Every submitted game will be judged by representatives from academia and student body. Judging criteria will be announced at the event. The members of the winning team will each receive a Raspberry Pi! Additionally, your game will look most impressive as a portfolio piece.

Is there anything else I need to do?
The game jam needs a theme! Budding participants can vote for the theme on a poll, which is now closed. Two of the themes from this poll will be used for the jam, so every vote counts! Note: Votes can be done once a day and for up to five themes can be chosen per voting session.

I have some more questions…
Feel free to email or contact Sean Oxspring! Furthermore, you may ask questions in the comment section of this post!

It should be an awesome event – we hope to see you on 2nd November at 4 PM, Complab B!

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