Seven Day Game Challenge #7DGC 2/4

A few days have passed since the launch event of the Seven Day Game Challenge, and participating teams have been working most diligently on their submission. The CompLabs are buzzing with activity as teams can be seen to scramble around, expediting the process of short time game development as much as possible. There is quite some activity on the #7DGC Twitter – teams are showing off their work, discussing what to do with the remaining time, and thinking about the juiciness factor. We recommend to have a look at the feed – feel free to contribute to it as well. Furthermore, Mark Doughty has added a 7DGC timer onto the LSoCs lobby screen which shows the twitter feed and the remaining time left to fulfil the challenge.

Teams on  the #7DGC twitter feed are teasing about their recent game development.

In other news, we have asked participants of the game challenge to share their current progress, in either screenshot format or videos. A handful of screenshots were submitted, which shows quite some interesting advances:

However though, keep in mind that this is only a very small subset of what is to come during the game judging session this Friday. Some teams suggested that they prefer to keep their game ideas private until the presentations. We are already most excited to see the results on Friday.

Rock on guys, you are doing great stuff!

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