Seven Day Game Challenge #7DGC 1/4

“The Seven Day Game Challenge”, organised by Sean Oxspringhas officially started today at 04:30PM. It is a week-long Game Developing Challenge for any students and staff in the Lincoln School Of Computer Science to take part in! Everyone is welcome, regardless of background, knowledge, experience or ability. As long as they are willing to develop a video-game, either on their own, or in small teams. Over the course of seven days, “The Seven Day Game Challenge” aims to provide a strong, motivating and friendly atmosphere in which developing, presenting and discussing video-games development is fun.

We announced that two of the themes from a voting poll will be used for the challenge. The themes that emerged from the polls are:



We are hoping that you’ll be able to come up with some awesome and innovative ideas based on the themes we’re giving you. If you are finding it hard to come up with an idea – relax. You have a whole week and plenty of time to plan your game before you implement it! Please recall that both themes must be used in your game to be eligible to enter the competition.

Over 15 teams have registered their interests for the Game Challenge! Well done guys, we are really looking onwards to see your games! Feel free to chat about your game development towards the game challenge on facebook, blogs and twitter! We even got our own hashtag: #7DGC .

Terms and agreement of the Game Challenge can be found here. Feel free to contact Sean Oxspring for any enquiries! Note: We will contact Team Leaders over the course of next week.