Multiple Approaches to Game Analysis Workshop 2018

8-9 November 2018, Lincoln Games Research Network, University of Lincoln, UK (


Please be prepared to present your approach (for those who submitted one) in two minutes to all participants and in greater detail to your (potential) team mates. The analysis presentations on Friday should simply convey the results of your analysis (including your assessment of your own approach to analysis). There is no need to craft a polished ‘conference presentation’ — you will not have the time for this. Instead, focus on conveying your results clearly and effectively.

If you want to participate in the workshop send email to

Time table

Thursday, Nov 8th

9:00: Meet at Isaac Newton Building Atrium, University of Lincoln, coffee, move to INB1302, Computer Lab 1C

9:30: Welcoming remarks, unveiling of the game,

9:45: Brief presentations of approaches and form teams (if necessary) for analysis

10:15: Play-Analysis session

13:00: Lunch (everyone together) // Work-shopping: First impressions, Issues, Problems

14:30: Play-Analysis session / Presentation Prep

18:00: End of Play-Analysis / Presentation Prep

18:30: Dinner followed by Social Gameplay Sessions (board and digital!)


Friday, Nov 9th

9:00: Meet at Isaac Newton Building Atrium, University of Lincoln, coffee, move to INB1103 Research Lab

9:30: Presentation finishing touches

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Presentation Roundtable (4 Presenters, 10 min Presentation, 10 min Discussion)

15:20: Break

15:30: Presentation Roundtable (4 Presenters)

16:50: Break

17:00: Presentation Roundtable (2 Presenters)

17:40: Closing remarks

19:00: (optional) Dinner and party

Submitted Approaches

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