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Academic Staff

Dr Patrick Dickinson is a Principal Lecturer whose games-related research interests lie in artificial intelligence, crowd simulation, and the use of metrics to assist game design.

Chris Headleand is a Lecturer of Games Computing within the School of Computer Science. He is interested in the artificial intelligence of non-player characters, and how human players relate and respond to the behaviour of these synthetic characters.

Dr Kathrin Gerling is a Senior Lecturer within the School of Computer Science, and is interested in the design of engaging playful experiences for special populations, games with a purpose besides entertainment, and games user research.

Dr Duncan Rowland‘s research interests regarding computer games are broad. His current work explores the cultural applications of technology. Specifically, he is interested in the individual player and the experiences of that player.

Dr John Shearer is a Senior Lecturer in Games Computing at the University of Lincoln, UK. With interests around “creative play in public spaces” his research walks between Computer Science and the Arts.

Richard Wetzel is a Lecturer in Games Computing. His main research interest are pervasive and location-based games. He has developed Mixed Reality Game Cards to playfully support collaborative and multidisciplinary design of such games.


Research Staff

Kieran Hicks is a Research Student within the School of Computer Science, where he designs wheelchair-controlled video games. He also is one of the creators of Hashtag Dungeon, a Twitter-based rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Dr Olivier Szymanezyk is a post-doctoral researcher within the School of Computer Science. He enjoys Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, Video-Games (RTS, FPS, Indie-Games, RPG, Racing), coding and being generally gritty.

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