Reading Group

For the 2016/2017 academic year, we explore topics related to Human-Computer Interaction, Games Studies, and general Games Research. Everyone is welcome, and we particularly encourage participation of undergraduate Games Computing students. For more information on the group, please contact Kathrin Gerling.

Upcoming Topics

The games reading group restarts in December 2016. If you are interested in joining the group or would like to suggest papers for future discussion, please contact Kathrin Gerling.

Past Discussions

Tuesday, March 17th: Vicencio-Moreira et al., 2014. The Effectiveness (or Lack Thereof) of Aim-Assist Techniques in First-Person Shooter Games. Available at

Tuesday, March 31st: Livingston et al., 2011. The Impact of Negative Game Reviews and User Comments on Player Experience. Available at

Tuesday, April 14th: Christiansen, 2014. Thanatogaming: Death, Videogames, and the Bipolitical State. Available at

Tuesday, April 28th: Mueller et al., 2003. Exertion Interfaces: Sports over a Distance for Social Bonding and Fun. Available at

Tuesday, February 17th: Reuter et al., 2014. Game Design Patterns for Collaborative Player Interactions. Available at

Tuesday, March 3rd: Livingston et al., 2014. How Players Value their Characters in World of Warcraft. Available at

More Information

Announcements are made through the Blackboard community system. All students and staff are welcome to enrol themselves in this community by visiting Blackboard, clicking the communities tab and searching for “Games”. Then click “Games Research Group” and choose to “Enrol”. See the image below for an example.

How to find the Blackboard Community

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