Future Gaming – new book by Dr Paolo Ruffino

Dr Paolo Ruffino has published a new monograph: Future Gaming: Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture (Goldsmiths Press, distributed by MIT Press).

Considering game culture, from the gamification of self-improvement to GamerGate’s sexism and violence, Ruffino lays out an alternative, creative mode of thinking about the medium: a sophisticated critical take that blurs the distinctions among studying, playing, making and living with video games. Offering a series of stories that provide alternative narratives of digital gaming, Ruffino aims to encourage all of us who study and play (with) games to raise ethical questions, both about our own role in shaping the objects of research, and about our involvement in the discourses we produce as gamers and scholars.

Ruffino has presented his work at The Talks at Google. Here you can find a video of his presentation:

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