Presentation: Playful Misconduct and the Value of Mischief in Games

Yesterday I was asked to do a 20 minute presentation for our regular research seminars. I thought I’ve have a bit of fun with it, so I modernified a presentation I gave at FROG 2009 in Vienna about the value of mischief in games.

I think context is important, so you have to remember that this was given in the Vienna City Hall, in a wood panelled ballroom with chandeliers and giant tapestries of eagles. Mine was the first presentation after one given by the Austrian minister of culture at the very beginning of the conference.

The details of the paper are here:
Ben Kirman, Conor Linehan and Shaun Lawson (2010) On the Edge of Good Taste: Playful Misconduct and Mischief in Online Games, chapter in “Exploring the Edges of Gaming” Editors: Konstantin Mitgutsch, Christoph Klimmt, Herbert Rosenstingl. Vienna, Austria (ISBN 978-3-7003-1758-6, book here, Author’s PDF version download here)

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