Announcement: ULCS Game Jam, 24th-25th March 2012

The University Of Lincoln Computing Society is organising a weekend of Game Jam on the 24th and 25th March 2012. Everyone is welcome, regardless of background, knowledge, experience or ability; as long as they are willing to get hands dirty on making games, either on their own, or in small teams. A theme will be announced at the start of the weekend, and competitions entries will be judged by a panel, and many prices will be given out for all sorts of game achievement. The Game Jam is kindly hosted by the Lincoln School of Computing, and the whole event will be held in the Media Humanities and Technology building, which is located on the Univerity of Lincoln campus. More in-depth directions can be found on this map. If you have any further questions or wish to enter the event, read on, or contact directly . Alternatively, if you are a University of Lincoln Student, head to the SOAP Center to enter this event. An entry cost of £5 will be required to cover refreshment costs.

What is the ULCS Game Jam?
The goal of the ULCS Game-Jam is to come together and to quickly develop video-games. Participants have got to develop a game that explores the ideas of a shared theme, within a given time limit, while being surrounded by other participants, who are coming from different backgrounds, each with different abilities. The short time-span encourages participants to generate and develop innovative experimental game-play mechanism and to share and present them to other people. The games do not have to be full games, but the core of them should be fun.

The first ULCS Game Jam a two day event at the University of Lincoln’s Games Development Lab. Participants are welcomed to work either on their own, or in small teams. Teams can range from artists, coders, designers, or people that are met on the day. As the event is open for everyone, it is also a great place to meet and socialise with people alike.

There is no development platform limitation at the ULCS Game Jam. It is allowed to use any software or hardware available at the event and the use of external peripherals (i.e. home-made controllers) are highly welcome.

Who is organising the ULCS Game Jam?
ULCS Games Jam is organised by the University of Lincoln Computing Society. The society is receiving additional help and funding from the Lincoln School of Computer Science and the Students’ Union.

Who can come to the ULCS Game Jam?
Initially, the event has been restricted to participants who study at the University of Lincoln. However, depending on the number of registered participants, we welcome universities and individuals to come along to the Game Jam. However, we hope to open future ULCS Game Jam to all participants who desire to come. If you are not a UL student, feel free to contact with ‘Game Jam’ in the subject, to arrange attendance.

Where and when will the ULCS Game Jam be held?
The ULCS Game Jam will be held at the University of Lincoln. The Lincoln School of Computer Science (SoCS) has allowed us to use their computing labs for the duration of the event. It will run over the weekend of the 24th and 25th March 2012, starting from Saturday 9am until Sunday 7pm.

What do I need to bring to the ULCS Game Jam?
With giving us access to their labs, the SoCS have been kind enough to supply us with 60 XPS 630i computers, all up and running ready for development. These computers are free to use for all attendees of the ULCS Game Jam. Feel free though to bring your own equipment, keep in mind though that there is limited available space, so don’t bring too much. As it is anticipated that people will require sleep at some point, a quiet room will be available for people to crash-out. Remember though to bring your own sleeping bag. Other than that, you just need to bring yourself and a love for video-games.

So who will be judging?
Judging the event will be done by industry professionals. We are looking at having 3-4 judges for the ULCS Game Jam, who will be looking to find the best, most innovative, and the most fun games. To start with, we will have members of the Lincoln Social Computing (LiSC)/Lincoln Games Research Group. Additionally, we are currently in the process of filling in the remaining positions with representatives from Rockstar Lincoln and Crytek Nottingham.

This Game-Jam sounds interesting! How do I enter?
Simply send an email directly to with your contact details. If you are a University of Lincoln student, head towards the SOAP centre and ask to enter the ULCS GameJam.

We hope to see you soon at the ULCS Game Jam!

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