Video Games & Virtual Worlds, POCOS : Keynotes online!

Sean Oxspring previously reported about his experiences at the recent POCOS symposium on Virtual Worlds and Games. We have been recently informed that the videos of the speaker led sessions are now online and are available to view.  We put a handful of speeches in this post, however all of them are available on the POCOS Vimeo streaming webpage.

Dan Pinchbeck,The Chinese Room, UK – Standing on the shoulders of heavily armed giants: why history matters for game development

Professor Richard Bartle, University of Essex, UK – Archaeology versus Anthropology: What can Truly be Preserved?

Ian Livingstone OBE, Co-Founder, The Games Workshop, UK – The Future History of Video Games

Tom Woolley, Curator of New Media, National Media Museum, UK – Curatorial Issues in Preserving Games for Museum Collections & Public Display

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