Research: Agent Based Crowd Simulation In Airports Using Games Technology.

PhD student Olivier Szymanezyk is currently working on a framework to simulate real-time pedestrian motion in an airport environment using a scalable layered intelligence technique, a physics middleware and the social force model. Olivier and his supervisors Patrick Dickinson and Tom Duckett have recently published their crowd simulation work in papers entitled “Towards agent-based crowd simulation in airports using games technology” and “From individual characters to large crowds: augmenting the believability of open-world games through exploring social emotion in pedestrian groups“, which are accessible through The Lincoln Repository. Recently, Olivier has released a short video showcasing his work. The video has been released on YouTube.

Furthermore, a few screenshots of the most recent iteration of the simulation:

Feel free to share the video, read the related papers and to contact Olivier Szymanezyk if you have any further comments or questions!


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  1. Hi, I’m an architect. I’m trying to measure the intensity of the hospital with agent-based systems. Would like to benefit from your project. How to get codes? Greetings

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