Seven Day Game Challenge #7DGC – 4/4

We previously reported about the Seven Day Game Challenge. On the 9th November, teams gathered in the Lincoln School Of Computer Science Computer Labs and each of them presented their submission. Fifteen teams registered, however only eight teams have managed to survive endurance of the week-long game developing rush.To be eligible to enter the competition, teams had to develop and present a game which includes the themes of Vegetation and Space. As we were quite dazzled by the range, quality and originality of the presented games, we decided to make the submissions available for download:

#7DGC Main Winner

AD-JAM (Contact)

Alex Saye
Jamie Bloor
Mike Thompson
Adam Cane
David Ridout


#7DGC Honorary Mention

Team Nigel: Sapphire (Contact)

Kieran Hicks


Team OxyOxSpring (Contact)

Sean Oxspring


Team Nigel: Ruby (Contact)

Martin Smith
Nathan Darling
Daniel Frost


Team Juicy (Contact)

Courtney Benjamin
Nick Bull


Gecko Mafia (Contact)

Ashley Black-Hood
Geejoy Jumba
Matthew Moore
James Taylor
Joss Packman


Super Hypothetical Imaginarium (Contact)

Brett Knights
Matthew Housley
Bryan Malcom
Jack Broughton
Nathalia Sgroot


Team Thomas (Contact)

Thomas Fisher


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