Preparations for the ULCS GameJam 2013 have begun

Get excited folks, as we are most pleased to announce that the ULCS GameJam will return on the 9 and 10 March 2013.

This will be the second major video-game jam organised by the University of Lincoln Computing Society in cooperation with the Lincoln School of Computing. The ULCS GameJam 2012 was a major success and attracted over sixty competitors, regardless of their background, knowledge, experience or ability – they were all willing to develop a video-game based on the themes of sheep, viking, and 2012 in less than twenty four hours. Judges from RockstarCrytek and LiSC evaluated the games based on their originality, juiciness, fun-factor and the use of the given theme. Over £500 worth of prizes were awarded to the winners of the different categories. Furthermore, the ULCS GameJam 2012 helped many to form their own Game Developer Group, for instance Team Nigel. Check out the pictures of the ULCS GameJam 2012 either here on the ULCS FaceBook page!

Preparations for the ULCS GameJam 2013 have begun – keep tuned for more information over the following months. If you have any comments, ideas or feedback for the upcoming ULCS GameJam 2013, feel free to leave a comment here, or contact the organisers here.

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