GameMaker Challenge : One Button Games 2013

“Start creating now and don’t wait for a position with a big publisher”, advises Gabe Newell to upcoming developers who want to break into the game game industry.

Following this advice, 1st year Games Computing students at the Lincoln School of Computer Science are using existing tools to rapidly develop original design ideas into playable games. Their challenge: Make a game based on a given theme, within the available time scale. Volunteering students present and discuss their game in front of a crowd made out of their colleagues and university staff members.

The Challenge: Make a ‘One-Button’ game in GameMaker Studio. Use a single button as your player(s) input. 

We are very pleased to share with you the submissions for the 2013 One Button Game Challenge. Feel free to download and play the games!


Voyage – Gabrielle Watson

By pressing the space bar repeatedly when close to a planet, players can utilise gravities pull to turn their spaceship and reach the safe zone. Short and sweet, but also incredibly frustrating. See how many times you die before reaching the end.



City Runner – Paul Clayton

Run and jump across the cityscape, in this single button, sidescrolling survival game.
Leap over obstacles during the day, but at night, the police are on the prowl, so don’t get spotted!



Key to Survival – Kameron Howlett

You must defend the last ‘Human’ stronghold against the ever increasing horde of zombies, even though death in inevitable. Use the space bar to summon allies depending on the quantity of taps or call in air support. As the zombies evolve and get increasingly difficult the odds that you will spawn a super unit increases… you’re our last hope… no pressure.


 Game Screen Shot

Fight for Ctrl – Daniel Draper

Prepare to dodge shots and fight back (and terrible images).



Great work guys! 

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